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Leslie Robertson Notes

06/08/2009 Leave a comment

It has taken me awhile to get these up, but here are my notes from the Leslie Robertson PD on June 6, 2009.

  1. My colleagues are insane.  Anyone who tailgates 60 minutes before a professional development training has clearly lost his/her mind.
  2. All PD sessions should have a wireless connection.  As the presenter shared something worthwhile, you can look around the room and watch teachers share ideas about how they plan to use it in their own classrooms.  There needs to be a way to capture those moments of inspiration…backchannel.
  3. Students should turn their work in to their teachers, not a basket.  Holds them accountable.
  4. Exit Slip – 5 Questions
    • Quality control as it comes in.
    • Immediate feedback.
    • Separate into 2 stacks – 20 to 25-ers.  Those grades go into the gradebook immediately.  Under 20 – Remediate until students get it.  Grades go in at the end of the week.
    1. Flashbacks (Skills Activity) – Intentional.  Pattern…on Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.  Organized by the CATS blueprint or another tool.  Keeps information fresh all year long.  Reteach what they miss.
    2. Chunking –
      • Teach (tell a story, show a video clip) for 10-15 minutes.
      • Pair/Share…work as many problems as possible in the next 5 minutes (Read section from next looking for specific details that relate to the opening story, video).  Teacher walks around, grade flashbacks, and notes misconceptions.
      • Reteach.
      • Pair/Share for 10 minutes.  More practice.  There will be a teacher check on certain numbers.  Students have to stop and wait.  No one does an entire page wrong.
      • Reteach.
      • Work 15 minutes on your own.  Teacher check on certain numbers.
      • Exit Slip…graded.
      1. Practice gets checked, not graded.  Gives student the opportunity to fix it when they make a mistake, not a week later when you get a chance to grade it.
      2. Questioning – Be intentional.  Write them down…carry them in your pocket to ensure that you are asking DOK 2 and 3 questions rather than relying on DOK 1.   Force students to agree or disagree and provide support.
      3. Focus on students’ ability to communicate through writing…Reasoning journal.  Done for homework.  Content matters.  50 points.  Sections…Restate ?, Work it out, Choose vocabulary.
      4. Not turning in homework is a behavioral problem, not an academic one.