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Build an ePortfolio

09/20/2009 Leave a comment

While Kentucky has required students to produce a writing portfolio since the mid 1990s, I have long felt that the assignment needs to be overhauled in order to incorporate more digital skills.  That’s why is was thrilled to learn that Classroom 2.0 Live was taking on ePortfolios with Dr. Helen Barrett.  The slides for the session are embedded below, along with link to some additional resources on the subject.  I also plan to share my experiences in future posts.


For more resources on using ePortfolios, try the following resources:


Teaching Students to Think

05/21/2009 Leave a comment

Teaching Students to Dialogue

05/10/2009 18 comments

One of the most important lessons I learned this year was that I cannot rely on my students to come into my classroom knowing how to interact with one another.  Instead, it is my job to teach them.  Below is the handout I use in my classroom to do just that. It is based on a technique called Accountable Talk, and it has changed the way my students interact with one another.


For more information about Accountable Talk, try the following resources: