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The History Lab

10/25/2009 Leave a comment

In my last post, I shared that one of my goals this year is to help my students become more active participants and contributors in my classroom.  And while I have several ideas of my own about how to make this happen (Class Notebook, Delicious), I have also spent a great deal of time searching for what others are doing.  So I started bookmarking websites only to decide that there has to be a better way.

What I really want is a database that includes all of these great ideas in one place.  One that I can search for inspiration or use to share and collaborate with other social studies teachers.  And since I couldn’t find such a site (at least not one organized in quite the way I envision it), I decided to create one, the History Lab.

My hope is that social studies teachers can use the site as a resource for project ideas.  At the very least, it will grow into the database I was hoping to find as I add more of my finds in the coming weeks.


Start a Discussion on an Edu Ning

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Once again, I am reorganizing the tabs above and thought that this information deserved a permanent home.  And as always, I will continue to add sites as I find additional examples so feel free to leave a comment with your favorites.

General Education

Art Education

EFL Education

English Education

Mathematics Education

Science Education

Social Studies Education

Technology Education

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Share Ideas on Wallwisher

05/03/2009 1 comment

I have spent most of this Sunday afternoon catching up on the huge number of entries in my Google Reader.  In doing so, I ran across this.  It’s excellent post by Silvia Tilisano in her Langwitches blog about Wallwisher, a website that essentially allows users to create an interactive bulletin board using sticky notes with text, photos, or video.


So I started thinking.  What would I want to have a virtual conversation about?  I settled on a topic that I have giving a lot of thought lately…The Schools We Need.  So I went to the Wallwisher website, registered, and started a wall.  Super easy.  Even grabbing the video that started me down this road was simple as copying and pasting the url into my sticky note.

And now I want to invite you into the conversation.  Go to my wall and add your own thoughts.


For more information about Wallwisher, try the following resources:

Meet My Learning Team

05/02/2009 1 comment

It seems that all of the world has been talking about Twitter lately. From Ashton Kutcher to Oprah Winfrey, celebrities galore have embraced the microblogging site as a way to connect with fans.  Of course, this level of popular appeal will probably serve to scare away teachers and other learning professionals.  I think that this is unfortunate because I believe that Twitter provides some of the best professional development available.  And it’s customizable…and available 24 hours a day…and free.

Pictured below are the more than 200 people that make currently up my learning team.  They teach me something new each and every day.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


For more information about Twitter in education, try the following resources:

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