I’ve Moved

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While this blog and all of its links will remain active, I am no longer posting here. Instead, please visit my new blog located here.

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Permission to Fail

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How often do we give ourselves permission to fail at something?  What about our students?

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The History Lab

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In my last post, I shared that one of my goals this year is to help my students become more active participants and contributors in my classroom.  And while I have several ideas of my own about how to make this happen (Class Notebook, Delicious), I have also spent a great deal of time searching for what others are doing.  So I started bookmarking websites only to decide that there has to be a better way.

What I really want is a database that includes all of these great ideas in one place.  One that I can search for inspiration or use to share and collaborate with other social studies teachers.  And since I couldn’t find such a site (at least not one organized in quite the way I envision it), I decided to create one, the History Lab.

My hope is that social studies teachers can use the site as a resource for project ideas.  At the very least, it will grow into the database I was hoping to find as I add more of my finds in the coming weeks.

Taking IT to the Next Level…

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While I haven’t quite worked out all of the details yet, THIS is what I want for my classroom:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


For more information on Technology in the Classroom, try the following resources:

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What’s in the Widgetbox?

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I’ve spent most of the last week setting up my class website in order to get it ready for students on Friday (more on that later).  In doing so, I’ve spent a great deal of time playing around with Widgetbox looking for fun gadgets to drop into the sidebars of the site.  And I’m impressed.  While I can’t guarantee that it is truly the “World’s best place to find and make widgets,” I can say that is my favorite.

First, I was able to make a couple of customized widgets in less than ten minutes, complete with tabs for  Twitter accounts,  Delicious bookmarks, and news updates from NPR and CNN.  And while my final products required a Pro account ($29.99/year), I could have accomplished similar results using a couple of different free widgets.

In addition to allowing you to create a customized widget, Widgetbox also offers a number of free pre-made widgets perfect for educators.  Among my favorites are:

General Education




Social Studies

It is important to note, however, that free widgets often run ads (I never ran across anything inappropriate for students) and that Widgetbox does not play well with WordPress.com.

And, as always, I’ll add widgets to the list as I find them so feel free to leave a comment with your favorites.


For more educational widgets for your website, try the following resources:

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Mark Your Calendars!

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k12 Online

The annual K12 Online Conference provides the opportunity to participate in a first rate conference from the comfort of your living room…for free.  From December 7-11 and December14-17, forty presentations will be posted online at the conference blog allowing viewers to participate in both real time and on their own (I watched recordings of the 2007 sessions while standing in line to vote last year).

Sessions that I am looking particularly forward to include:

Be sure to check out the entire conference program to find your favorites.

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BCHS 2009 Homecoming Parade

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Float 2

BCHS Cougars: Towering above the Competition

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